eight little crickets  

Uniquely qualified to bring your vision to life, from first concept to the final cut. 


First created in 2004, the crew at eight little crickets made it's mark in Music Video and Documentary, winning awards spanning the globe - creating work that engages the imagination.

Now we are in full swing creating more content than ever, partnering with other professionals and catering to the commercial market with a new enthusiasm, whatever the task presents.   

We have the personnel and the expertise to take your vision from the first concept to the final cut - with years of tangible experience working in various environments, some wild and some tame, we are poised to create for you. 




Danny Drysdale - writer/director/producer   email: danny@eightlittlecrickets.com

Brad Johnson - producer

Britte Sappington - executive producer/editor email: britte@eightlittlecrickets.com

Michael B - accounts manager/producer